Novaci Gorj

Welcome to Novaci, the place to rest on your trip to Rânca and Transalpina.
Only 18 kilometers from Novaci passing the Transalpina (DN67C) road is Rânca (1600m altitude), the newly developed Romanian resort surrounded by mountain peaks and tremendous beauty.

Rânca Ski Resort

Rânca is a recently developed Romanian resort, located at 1,600 m elevation, at the foothill of Păpuşa Peak in the Parâng Mountains. It is located on the Transalpina (DN67C) road through the Parâng Mountains. There are all kinds of accommodations, ranging from hotels to small family businesses.


Transalpina Road

The Transalpina or DN67C located in the Parâng Mountains group is one of the highest roads of the Carpathian Mountains. It connects Novaci from south to Sebeş in the north. It is called The King's Road by the locals. The road has its highest point at the Urdele Pass, at 2,145m above sea level.


Novaci Ranca Transalpina

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